Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetik Seminerleri: Dr. Nuray Söğünmez Erdoğan


Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetik Bölümümüzün organize ettiği seminer serisinin yeni konuğu, Kadir Has Üniversitesi Çekirdek Program’dan Dr. Nuray Söğünmez Erdoğan.

Dr. Erdoğan’ın “Cellular Puzzles: Building the Mammalian Brain Maps başlıklı konuşmasını 14 Mart Pazartesi saat 13:00’ten itibaren Zoom üzerinden takip edebilirsiniz.

Özet: Since ancient times, biological tools have been used to understand how the brain is functioning, and from then, its applications evolved with an extraordinary speed. In the nervous system, the cellular interactions are complex and require interdisciplinary complex systems understanding. This complexity begins with the number of protein-encoding genes found in brain cells. Each cell in the brain shares the same set of genes, but their combinatorial expression levels (transcripts and proteins) result in diverse cell- and tissue types. Considering that the Human Genome Project took 13 years to complete the sequencing of human reference genome data, understanding the human transcriptome and proteome data is in its very early days. This talk focuses on state-of-the-art technology called single-cell omics. Its application areas, together with its limitations, will be explained. This talk will cover how these limitations can be elucidated with interdisciplinary approaches and how one significant feature of nature can decipher the well-known cellular mapping problems in the single-cell field.

Konuşmacı Hakkında: Nuray Söğünmez Erdoğan received her BSc and MSc degrees from Boğaziçi University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. She received her Ph.D. degree from Kadir Has University Department of Bioinformatics and Genetics. She continued her postdoctoral studies in Kadir Has University NODDS Laboratory and focused on solving complex biological systems problems with interdisciplinary approaches. She is currently working as a Core Program Instructor at Kadir Has University. She has worked in the fields of sensory systems, precision medicine, personalized treatments, protein allostery, and protein dynamics.

Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetik Seminerleri: Prof. Dr. Canan Atılgan

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