The Maglev Technology: One Step Closer to The Future

29 Mart 2024
14:00 - 15:00

Abstract: The wheel has been a fundamental part of our lives for approximately 4000-5000 years. It’s been a remarkable achievement for humanity, enabling long-distance travel via cars, trains, etc., and facilitating the movement of heavy objects from point A to point B relatively efficiently. However, the wheel is antiquated, costly to maintain, and incapable of surpassing certain physical limitations, particularly at ultra-high speeds. With Maglev technology, humanity can now “fly” at ground level, which means eliminating mechanical contact. From an engineering standpoint, Maglev technology means transcending the speed limits of traditional wheels with high efficiency and low cost. In this webinar, I will explain what futuristic Maglev technology is, how it will replace the good old wheel, and most importantly, why it is necessary.

Speaker Biography: Dr. Ahmet Fevzi Bozkurt, I conduct research at Yildiz Technical University in the field of Maglev, a field with few teams working both in Türkiye and globally. I completed my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on electric vehicles at the same university. Subsequently, I pursued a Master’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering, where I was introduced to Maglev technology. I developed a novel indoor Maglev transportation system, unprecedented in literature and industry. The aim of the study was to present a concept of ultra-efficient transporters. Apart from my thesis, I participated in a TÜBİTAK project as a researcher involving mechanical and magnetic design, manufacturing, controller design, and experimental validation of an active track maglev transportation system. Later, I began my doctoral studies and presented an optimal hybrid linear Maglev actuator design to the literature. I validated multiple Maglev carriers’ collaborative operation in simulation and experimentally. During my doctoral studies, I contributed to a TÜBİTAK project involving a Maglev-based energy storage system, known as a mechanical battery. My responsibilities in the project included controller implementation, design, and integration of electronic components, among others. Currently, I am conducting research on the application of Maglev technology in environments that mimic the conditions found in space.

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