Contemporary Debates: Ceren Soylu

9 Ocak 2024
17:00 - 18:30

Kadir Has Üniversitesi Ekonomi Bölümü’nün düzenlediği Contemporary Debates başlıklı serinin yeni konuğu, Ceren Soylu (University of Massachusettes Amherst) olacak.

Soylu, 9 Ocak Salı saat 17:00’de B-201’de “Collective Action as Informal Environmental Regulation: A Game-Theoretic Approachbaşlıklı bir konuşma yapacak.

Etkinlik İngilizcedir.

Özet: Research on the use of natural resources has emphasized the role that institutions and successful coordination among individuals play in preventing the overexploitation of common-pool resources, hence averting what is famously known as the tragedy of the commons. Although models focusing on the implied collective action problem—devising and implementing rules to govern resource use—adequately capture many environmental degradation problems, in many cases, as observed in the global resource and land rush of the last decades, external actors exacerbate the tragedy by reducing the capacity for sustainable use. This leads to a second coordination problem for resource users: how they may cooperate against external causes of degradation. This latter aspect of collective action acts as an informal regulation mechanism that compensates for inefficiencies in formal environmental regulations. The model developed in this paper formalizes this dual collective action problem faced by resource users, and the relationship between formal and informal environmental regulations, by way of a dynamic tripartite game theoretical model of conflict between resource users, an external actor causing negative environmental externalities and the state. The model combines acquisitive (income) and constitutive (identity) motives and shows that heterogeneity and informational asymmetries can increase the effectiveness of threat of action by resource users as an informal regulation mechanism.

Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetik Seminerleri: Prof. Kerwyn Casey Huang