TÜBİTAK ARDEB 3501- Young Researchers Career Development Program Support to 2 KHAS Projects

1 April 2024

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that two new projects coordinated by Asst. Prof. Demet Özer from the Psychology Department and Dr. İpek Yeğinsü from the Visual Communication Design Department, have been funded by TUBİTAK 3501 – National Young Researchers Career Development Program.

Dr. Özer’s project title is “The Interaction Between Speakers’ and Their Imagined Addressees’ Spatial and Verbal Abilities in Multimodal Language Use: A Comprehensive Examination”.

The project aims to investigate multimodal language use strategies (speech and accompanying iconic hand gestures) based on the varying cognitive dispositions of speakers and their listeners. With this aim, the project will examine how speakers’ spatial and verbal abilities interact with their imagined addressees’ perceived spatial and verbal abilities during multimodal language production. Additionally, the study will explore how different multimodal language strategies directed towards different addressees with varying characteristics are perceived by listeners.

Dr. Yeğisü’s project title is “Examining the Impact of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Turkey’s Visual Art Scene Using T. F. Gieryn’s Concept of “Boundary-work”.

The project aims to define and interpret the “boundary-work” processes of artists, museums, cultural institutions, galleries, and NFT platforms operating at the common border of these two fields in Turkey, within the relationship between the established hierarchies and institutional mechanisms of the art world and the boundaries between Contemporary Art and Qualified Intellectual Property (NFT) domains (Szabo and Skovrup, 2022). It aims to present the findings for the benefit of the field in order to enhance its sustainability and global competitiveness.

We congratulate our faculty members for their achievement and wish for the continuation of their success.