Kadir Has University aims to create an environment of trust and equality that is necessary for a campus, where all the university stakeholders are allowed to express their thoughts and opinions. It intends to establish an environment of trust in which all those exposed to or witnessed gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault are allowed to express their thoughts and opinions.

About the Application:

Applications are submitted to the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention Unit (CİTÖB) in respect of any type of gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault committed by all the university members, including academic and administrative employees of Kadir Has University, its sub-employer companies’ representatives and employees, and all persons and businesses from whom the university receives services, as well as its students against themselves or third parties at the university campuses and in such places and vehicles that are allocated for use by the university, as long as all or one of the parties of the incident continues their university life, irrespective of time and location.Applications may be submitted by the person or through the unit’s e-mail address. Anonymous applications are not considered; however, the applicant’s identity is kept anonymous during the whole process (and after that).In case of action starts concerning the application, the applicant is informed of:
  • Stages and consequences of the respective processes carried out,
  • Legal and other solution mechanisms in line with the respective requirements and the processes followed during these mechanisms,
  • Risks of these processes and the actions that could be taken,
  • Psychological, medical, and legal support mechanisms provided by the university or non-university organizations.
For your applications: [email protected]