Kadir Has University aims to become a research university at world standards that can produce sustainable solutions to local, national, regional, and global problems faced by humanity with an approach based on universal and humanitarian values; to train students equipped with individual and professional competencies in their fields of expertise; can produce high-impact research outputs as well as human-oriented and innovative solutions for social problems and is capable of transferring the knowledge it has to the society in all dimensions.


The mission of Kadir Has University is;

  • To provide academic education with a research-oriented approach to train students who are adorned with fundamental humanitarian and universal values, equipped with individual and professional competencies required by the age, and capable of producing sustainable solutions to local, national, regional, and global problems that humanity will encounter;
  • To ensure that our academic staff and students produce research outputs of international quality and high impact by providing them with the highest standards of education and research infrastructure;
  • To implement social projects that will ensure that all the knowledge and resources produced are beneficial for our country and the world with the participation of our stakeholders;
  • To develop an institutional structure based on continuous improvement in all services offered to its students, employees, and the society;
  • To develop a financial structure that will ensure financial sustainability and nourish our strategic goals.



The academic philosophy of our university is based on a New Education Model that educates students with an interdisciplinary approach focused on research and practice, aiming to support students to attain fundamental humanitarian and universal values, to be able to think independently and express their ideas clearly, recognize different world views, adapt to changes quickly, question, develop leadership and teamwork skills, have social responsibility awareness and the competencies required by their expertise.


Our university adopts a research culture based on values of academic freedom, academic ethics and academic honesty, interdisciplinary work, teamwork, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, university-industry cooperation, and social benefit; and a research ecosystem in which students and academics at all levels can work effectively by nurturing these fundamental values.

Public Service

Our university adopts a public service approach based on social benefit, accessibility, social responsibility, and social awareness, interacting with society through the knowledge it produces, the human resources it has trained, and the innovative projects it has developed for local, national, regional, and regional global problems.

Corporate Structure & Financial Sustainability

Our university adopts a dynamic corporate structure in all administrative processes that are participatory, inclusive, based on equality of opportunity, embraces continuous improvement and stakeholder satisfaction in all its services, develops resources to ensure its financial sustainability, and uses its resources in line with its strategic goals.