Numbers to Call in case of Emergency

If you are within the campus: 1555 (Security Affairs Office)

If you are outside the campus: 0212 533 65 32 (This is the number through which the Disaster and Emergency Situations concerning our university are coordinated).

Please provide the officer answering the phone with detailed information about the nature and location of the emergency. 

In case of a health-related emergency (injury, passing out, etc.), you may call Emergency Call Center at 112, Fire Brigade at 110, or AFAD at 122.


Evacuation from Buildings

Please be calm and do not rush!

In an emergency, leave the building and go to the gathering point by following the evacuation plan or the emergency exit signs available in the building.

Do not use the elevators; walk fast but do not run!

In case of fire:

  • Move getting down and crawling on your knees if necessary.
  • Cover your month with a piece of cloth as a mask if possible.
  • Close but do not lock the doors during the evacuation.
  • Check if there is heat/fire on the backside before walking out a closed door.
  • Move forward to the gathering points by following the emergency exit signs.

In case of an earthquake:

  • First of all, be calm and do not rush.
  • Find an appropriate place where you can create a triangle of life.
  • Stay near a strong piece of furniture or objects and apply the method of drop-cover-hold on.
  • Drop, cover and hold under a strong table or object. Protect your head and neck.
  • Do not go outside until the quake ends.  Stay away from windows and mirrors.
  • Never use balconies, stairs and elevators during an earthquake.
  • Do not rush during the evacuation and, avoid any behavior that may harm yourself or others.
  • Move forward to the gathering points by following the emergency exit signs.