KHAS Buddy Program is organized by the Directorate of Corporate Communications and the Directorate of Core Program to ensure that those students who will start attending the preparatory class or the first year of their program accommodate themselves to the respective processes carried out at the university and are aware of and familiarize themselves with our education system and student clubs.

Under the scope of this program, those students with knowledge and experience in our university who are successful in their respective academic areas and good at communication will act as mentors and friends of the new students at our university. These students under the categories of “Super Buddy” and “Buddy” make new friends thanks to this program and share their experiences with the new students to bring quick solutions to their problems.

Here are the main tasks of the students working within the KHAS Buddy Program:

  • Contact each new student indicated on the list shared with them and create a communication group obtaining their consent,
  • Keep in touch with the group members and attempt to answer their questions quickly,
  • Organize meetings with the new students and introduce the respective departments, faculties, and social areas to them,
  • Invite the new students to the Kadir Has University Orientation Days and inform them of this organization,
  • Inform the new students of the respective administrative units at our university (such as the Directorate of Student Affairs, International Office, Erasmus Office, Career Office, and the Directorate of Financial Affairs).
  • Ensure that the newcomers provide Student Handbook and Student Guidance.

We believe that this program will offer an excellent experience for you to improve your skills in leadership, teamwork, and in particular, communication. We will be pleased to have you here.