Yonca Kösebay‘"...addressing the challenges of World Heritage management, community involvement and social inclusion are the biggest challenges in the developing countries to overcome, whilst new media presents opportunities for pluralistic and independent [and free] knowledge sharing..."’


Prof.Dr. Yonca Kösebay ERKAN,
The Chair Holder



UNESCO Chair on the Management and Promotion of World Heritage Sites:
New Media and Community Involvement

Main objective of the UNESCO Chair is to enhance Sustainable World Heritage Management. World Heritage Strategic Goals give prominence to five key concepts, that are identified as 5C’s (Credibility, Conservation, Communication, Capacity Building and Community Involvement). The UNESCO Chair established at Kadir Has University builds capacity for sustainable world heritage management engaging in new technologies for building a link between science, communities and culture. It is because, without the leverage of communities heritage management is not sustainable. Therefore there is a great demand for finding ways to involve communities into management mechanisms. Through academic research, training programs and other means, the UNESCO Chair will help management and global promotion of the sites using new and innovative technologies and provide Best Practice for its region.

The UNESCO Chair brings together network of academicians (Kadir Has Univeristy and others) in collaboration with local governments, national/international NGO’s including Turkish National Commission for UNESCO, and expert private enterprise.

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