KHAS and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Join Forces to Train Young Female Software Developers

14 December 2022

Kadir Has University and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) cooperate in developing a significant project to train and employ qualified young women.

The “Program to Train Female Software Developers” initiated by the IBB Human Resources and Training Department aims to ensure 100 female software developers are trained and employed in the information technologies industry on the 100th anniversary of our Republic.

For these free training programs to which those with an associate degree or bachelor’s degree who wish to have a career in information technologies, IBB sent 30 female software developer candidates selected as a result of a three-stage assessment procedure to Kadir Has University and the training programs started as of December 12, 2022, Monday.

The courses “Career in Information Technologies and Introduction to Computer Programming” within the scope of this training, which will contribute to the training of qualified human sources needed by the information technologies industry and which will last 500 hours in total, will be given by the lecturers at the department of Management Information Systems under the supervision of Deputy President and R&D Sources Director Prof. Dr. Hasan Dağ in the first week at Kadir Has University. The students will receive 450-hour “Applied Computer Programming” training for 15 weeks starting from week two.

“Kadir Has University joins forces with IBB, which will contribute to the equality of opportunity in training and employment for young women in our country through the Program to Train Female Software Developers,” said Prof. Dr. Hasan Dağ, and continued as follows: “We are happy to contribute to this project since it has the similar objectives and contents with our White Doves Scholarship Program, which is offered to all the students in our country, who are successful but have financial restrictions, in particular, to the female students in these conditions.”

Detailed information about the Program to Train Female Software

Detailed information about the White Doves Scholarship

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