Awards Rain Down for KHAS Department of Advertising!

20 January 2021

KHAS Department of Advertising made KHAS’ mark in all advertising contests this year too.

Our graduate students Can Akalın, Semih Türkmen, Özge Nur Özünal Kocabaşoğlu and academic staff Arda Erdik from the Department of Advertising did credit to us once more with the project they prepared.

The project carried out by our academic staff Arda Erdik, Agency chairman and creative director of the Tribal Worldwide, and his teams during the year were awarded with 10 Felis, 17 Success Awards and 1 Bronze Effie.

Working at Wunderman Thompson advertising agency, our 2013 graduate Semih Türkmen received 11 awards (7 Felis, 4 Success awards) from Felis, and 4 Golden awards from MMA with the projects he prepared for the brands Bepanthol and Yumoş. Also, Wunderman Thompson was selected as the “Creative Agency of the Year” again by MMA Smarties.

Working as ad copywriter at Isobar Turkey advertising agency, our 2017 graduate Can Akalın received 1 Bronze from Effie with the project “Sabahları Sen Kimsin? / Who Are You in the Morning?”. he prepared for Nescafé Classic, 3 Felises with the Nescafé Keyf-i Türk Faladdin project and ranked second in 2 categories and third in 1 category with “Değiş Tokuş Şenliği / Exchange Festival” he prepared for L.O.L. Surprise during the Dpid (Direct Marketing) Contest. Isobar Turkey has been selected as the “Digital Agency of the Year” by MMA Smarties.

Working as Asistant Brand Manager in the Note Cosmetic, our 2017 graduate Özge Nur Özünal Kocabaşoğlu received the Bronze Effie Award with the project Zen Pırlanta “İçimden Geldi”.

We congratulate our graduate students and Academic Arda and are proud of them. We excitedly look forward to hearing about their success in the future.

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