A New Book Co-edited by Prof. Dr. Önder Pekcan: Elasticity of Materials

30 May 2023

Intech Open, one of the world’s leading publishers of open access books, whose readership spans scientists, researchers, students, and librarians as well as business professionals, recently published Elasticity of Materials, co-edited by Emeritus Professor M. Önder Pekcan from KHAS Molecular Biology and Genetics Department and Assoc. Prof.  Gülşen Akın Evingür from Piri Reis University Industrial Engineering Department.

Elasticity is the property of the body under which it deforms by applying deforming force and returns the original shape after removing deforming pressure. The elasticity of materials can be performed by computational simulations and/or laboratory experiments. The performance of materials concerning elasticity can be defined by some physical quantities: stiffness, strength, hardness, flexibility, and toughness. This book includes two sections: simulations & modeling, and characterization.

There are seven topics of elasticity of materials such as theory, simulation, characterization, composites, single crystal, nanoindentation, and dielectrics elastomers with their applications.

For details, please visit: https://www.intechopen.com/books/10943