“Family Tree” Workshop Completed

19 September 2023

The “Family Tree” – Discover the Tradition through Your Family workshop was held on KHAS Cibali Campus between September 11 and 16.

The workshop was led by designer Réka Farkas and co-led and coordinated by designer and researcher Assoc. Prof. Ayşe E. Coşkun. The workshop aimed to generate creative solutions to preserve cultural traditions, crafts, and motifs and bring them closer to the urban population of the 21st century.

Why is preserving our cultural heritage and traditions important in an increasingly digitalized world?

Having a past makes people more self-aware and rooted in their place in the world. Although it is not easy for modern people to connect with their ancestors, understand their world, and think about it, we can appreciate old-time art through the memories and family history that generations pass on to each other.

In the first half of the 5-day workshop, which focused on accessing and preserving traditional arts based on family history, students participated in a handicraft workshop led by Hungarian leather designer Réka Farkas, demonstrating traditional leather techniques, and in the second half of the project, they created a design object using leather materials.

15 Industrial Design students from Kadir Has University, Yeditepe University, Istanbul Bilgi University, Medipol University, Istanbul Ticaret University, and Marmara University participated in the workshop.

The project outputs will be exhibited at KHAS Cibali Campus between October 2-9, 2023.

This workshop is carried out within the scope of the ReDiscover: Traditional Knowledge in European Creative Industries research project supported by Creative Europe. Assoc. Prof. Ayşe E. Coşkun from KHAS Industrial Design Department is a researcher in this project on behalf of our university from Turkey.

For details, please visit: https://www.rediscover-project.eu/