InIDEA Announces Winners

01/15/2020 - 17:18
InIDEA Announces Winners

The winners of the InIDEA Program have been announced. Presented by the Creative Industries Platform, this program supports undergraduate students to realize their innovative and creative ideas.

The commission members released the evaluation results on December 30. Projects that have gained full support from InIDEA came from the students of different faculties: 7 from Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, 2 from the Faculty of Communication, and 1 from the Faculty of Art and Design.

Now, an advisor will be appointed to the projects entitled to have support, and then the projects to be supported, under the contract signed between the applicant of the project and the Creative Industries Platform, will be realized in a year.

The program received 28 applications until the due date of November 30. On December 11, 16 of these applications went through preselection by InIDEA Evaluation Commission and the applicants of the projects that made the cut tried to convince the Commission members with their presentations and by answering the questions of members.