Kadir Has University supersedes the traditional university models and aims to train students who will become competent professionals, researchers, scientists ready for both the industry and the academy and graduates who could work everywhere around the world.

A university in today's world should be an intellectual hub where the students are surrounded by universal values, equipped with all necessary skills of the era and turned into free individuals. Offering specialty trainings is just not enough anymore. The New Education Model of Kadir Has University has been developed with this vision in mind overthrowing the traditional university models. It offers a model that brings up totally original graduates who will pioneer and shape the future world.

After consulting with all stakeholders such as academicians, students, industry representatives and graduates, we have prepared a document called "Kadir Has University Universal Values and Competencies". Taking this document into consideration, we have developed the Common Core Program specific for freshmen. We took a different approach to the first year of all programs of which the content and the method of teaching has been the same for at least a century. The new content is now based on universal values and the methodology of the lessons aims to build universal skills and competencies. The Common Core Program offers a model in which the traditional exams for measuring and evaluation are never used, the student's active participation is established through personal experience and observations, and lecturers are no longer just "teachers" but also "mentors".

Specialty training is provided starting from the second year and the curriculum of the project-based model put in action has been formulated with the help of industry representatives and especially R&D department staff. We have determined the necessary academic and professional skills and competencies thanks to the collaboration between the industry and the university and we have created an original model, unique in Turkey and exemplary in the world. There are no traditional lessons and all academic and professional skills are taught through projects developed with our leading business partners in the industry.

Common Core Program (1st Year)

A one-year-long core curriculum which teaches universal values builds all the necessary skills of our era, gives information on all kinds of reasoning styles and ways of thinking that a questioning and free individual could need.

  • 100% original content prepared with the contributions of all faculties.
  • A measuring and evaluation system in which the traditional exams are no longer employed.
  • Lessons that ensure active participation of the students and that consider lecturers "mentors".
  • Subject-based English teaching
  • An individual that cares about the society and the world that they live in and that takes part in social responsibility projects.
  • Graduates who are world citizens who have purpose, universal values and skills.

The first semester of the first year entails five lessons and a social responsibility project developed and put into practice by the students. The second semester offers common lessons such as "Understanding Mathematics" and lessons offered by different departments within a common pool of lessons of which students can choose from allowing them to have an adequate preparation to their specialty areas.

"A new education model with a curriculum that is based on new measuring and evaluation systems developed with a creative, student and human-oriented mindset that believes to the extraordinary potential of individuals"

Project-Based Education Model

Our students will go through the Common Core Program on their first year and on the second, they will acquire all the theoretical information and necessary practice skills through project development and practice sessions embedded in this project-based education model.

New generations bring new styles of learning. The education model that was based on memorizing information that could be reached with one click on the internet is now outdated. We want our students to use their minds not just to accumulate and save the information but to create it.

All subjects to be taught will be handled through projects or adapted project-based modules. Students should do at least two projects each semester starting from the second semester of the lesson plan. They should question which background they need to have in order to complete these projects and acquire that knowledge through the subjects within that semester. For all projects, students will be provided with an academic "mentor" along with an engineer "mentor" who works for the prominent representatives of the relevant industry. Industrial partners of the program take an active role in defining, managing and grading of these projects.

As an integrated part of this education model, industrial (external) stakeholders offer long-term, project-based internship opportunities in their own production facilities and research and development laboratories. On the other hand, the students who want to pursue an academic career are encouraged, starting from their first year, to take active parts in the research studies of the lecturers of Kadir Has University. And the results of these studies done for four years have the opportunity to be published in prestigious academic magazines. These important academic steps will create potential for our graduates to move on with their post-graduate studies in the most prominent universities in the world.

This education model trains students who learn by doing, who quickly master the information through practice and who develop themselves incessantly.