Important Information About MyLab

09/29/2017 - 04:39
Important Information About MyLab

2017-2018 Academic Year Fall Semester MyLab activities will make up of %5 of the overall semester grade. Grade calculations will be made on these deadlines below:

MyLab-1 (%1,25): 19 October 2017 Thursday, 09:00

MyLab-2 (%1,25): 16 November 2017 Thursday, 09:00

MyLab-3 (%1,25): 14 December 2017 Thursday, 09:00

MyLab-4 (%1,25): 09 January 2018 Tuesday, 09:00

* Students are responsible from all the contents covered by the deadlines. Extra activities will add bonus grades. Students are advised to complete all the contents of their books.
* Contents of MyLab are different according to levels and books. Access to MyLab websites are different, and they are listed below for each book. Students must "join a class" when they "register". If a student do not join a class, they will not be able to get MyLab grades at all.
* The information in the envelopes of the access codes is not valid for this academic year. There will be no registration on Blackboard. MyLab registrations will be made on the specific website of each book listed below. Click here for information about registration of Language Leader books. Click here to see how to "Join a Course" after you complete your reegistration.
* The activities must be completed by the deadlines. No late submission will be accepted. Students who do not join a class will not be graded. Each student is responsible for completing his/her MyLab registration. Students are advised to complete their activities on daily basis.

Class IDs:

>> New Language Leader weeks 1-8: click here

>> Pathways weeks 1-8: click here.

A1A2 Level:

Open Mind Beginner (not included in the %5 grade) >>>

Language Leader Elementary >>>

Language Leader Pre-Intermediate >>>

A2B1 Level:

Language Leader Pre-Intermediate >>>

Language Leader Intermediate >>>

Pathways-2 Reading and Writing >>>

B1B2 Level:

Language Leader Intermediate >>>

Pathways-2 Reading and Writing >>>

Pathways-3 Reading and Writing >>>

Pathways-3 Listening and Speaking >>>

Contacts for further queries, problems and technical support:

Social Media Office, 4th Floor, Bahçelievler Campus