Graduation Process in Associate and Bachelor’s Degree Programs

The Requirements to be met by Students for Graduation

  • The student must successfully complete all the courses (compulsory-elective courses and credit-non-credit courses) in his/her curriculum (instructional plan) and meet the number of graduation credits regarding his/her program.
  • His/her GPA (Grade Point Average) must be at least 2.00 out of 4.00.
  • He/she must complete his/her compulsory internship if included in his/her program.
  • He/she must successfully complete all extra-curricular courses if he/she has taken any.

The Processes in the Faculty College of Registration

  • At the end of each academic term, the last grade supervisors review the transcripts of the students at the graduation status. These supervisors obtain printouts of the graduation simulation from the system and submit them - together with the transcripts of the students who are entitled to graduate - to the relevant Faculty/College after signing them and adding the phrase of “He/She Can Graduate” on them.
  • The relevant Faculty/College Board reviews whether the student has met or not all the requirements for his/her graduation and decides on the student’s graduation.
  • The graduation decision in question is forwarded to the Student Affairs Directorate.

The Student Affairs Directorate Phase

  • The relevant faculty/college official checks the decision at the Student Affairs Directorate and if he/she does not identify any mistakes/deficiencies, then the official renders the student as ‘graduate’ on the system SPARKS.
  • The student, whose graduation is processed, with no outstanding obligations towards the university, the clearance is automatically launched by the system.
  • Diplomas are made available within the time period announced in the academic calendar. Students who completed clearance process may apply to the Student Affairs Directorate for their diplomas within the time period announced.
  • The student who successfully completes the mentioned phases receives his/her Diploma (or his/her Interim Graduation Certificate, in obligatory cases) from the Student Affairs Directorate in return for his/her signature.

University/Faculty/Department Rankings Announced in the Graduation Ceremony

  • The student must graduate within the time period designated in the curriculum of his/her program of registration (two years for associate degree programs and four years for bachelor’s degree programs).
  • The board decision of the student’s faculty/college regarding his/her graduation must be submitted before the Student Affairs Directorate until the deadline designated in the academic calendar.
  • In order the graduating students who came through lateral or vertical transfers to be included in the graduation ranking, they must have collected at least two-thirds of the total number of credits required by their KHAS associate degree or bachelor’s degree of registration from their program of graduation.
  • The Double Major Program (ÇAP) graduates who start their second majors with a separate curriculum after 2015 are included in their second major’s graduation ranking with their GPA in the second major.

Attending the Graduation Ceremony

  • The students who are able to graduate at the end of their summer education or their single/final course exams can attend the graduation ceremony.
  • The student must not have failed or non-taken courses in their curriculum - including their final projects - that are over 16 Khas Credits/ 26 AKTS (European Credit Transfer System).
  • The student must not have previously attended any graduation ceremony.

Important Notes

  • Students who have not completed clearance process cannot claim (or receive) a provisional graduation document or diplomas.
  • Since the diplomas will be printed collectively by the Student Affairs Directorate on the designated dates, the graduates shall not be delivered their diplomas before the date designated in the academic calendar.
  • The Interim Graduation Certificate or the Diploma is delivered only to the student in person. In cases when the foregoing document(s) shall be collected by any third party including the student’s mother-father, then the relevant party to collect the documents must submit a notarized proxy.
  • The Interim Graduation Certificate or the Diploma cannot be delivered through post/mail.