Dear Students,

Kadir Has University, with its adept faculty, who strive above all to imbue graduates with the ability to confidently consider and create solutions for the wide variety of large and small problems humanity is facing/will face, ranging from the realm of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Sciences to the Humanities and Social Sciences, its administrative staff, whose guiding principle is to support our students and academic personnel in all their needs, and its undergraduate and graduate students and alumni, who add further color to our university and who choose us in order to become free individuals equipped with all the competencies necessitated by our times through an embrace of universal values, is a true center of the sciences, arts, culture and thought.

A university of many colors, at the very heart of Istanbul, its campus intertwined with this city of civilizations, a university which believes in the people of the city and works with them, and which provides opportunities for individual development and learning to people of all ages.

We look forward to the values and color you will add to our people oriented university which is nurtured by the Sciences, the Arts and Culture.

With my love,


Prof. Dr. Sondan Durukanoğlu Feyiz