Dear Students,

Kadir Has University has become one of the pioneering universities that continue performing their academic studies without any interruption on the academic processes of the students by means of achieving the fastest adaptation in our country to the pandemic conditions that has been affecting the entire world since March, 2020. We have also taken all the necessary measures within the Academic Period of 2021-2022 and, are ready to welcome you for face-to-face education. All the members of our university who have 2 vaccines or share 2 PCR tests a week may come to the campus and participate in face-to-face education, and there will also be an option for distance, online education.

We have taken and are still taking all the necessary measures so that you can safely come to the campus during this period. I kindly request you wear a face mask, and comply with the social distance rules so that you can protect both yourself and, your family and loved ones.

Our main goal at Kadir Has University is to grow graduates, who courageously address, and are capable of delivering solutions to all large and small problems that people have encountered and will encounter in a vast range of fields from Life and Engineering Sciences to Humanities and Social Sciences.

For this purpose, we have developed the “Kadir Has University New Education Model” which will offer universal values to you, ensure that you are a free individual, and equip you with all competencies you need to meet the necessities of the time. We are proud of offering you this education model that we have prepared with innovative analyses developed on this journey we set out to be a world university, which will be an example for both Turkey and the world.

With all the academic and administrative employees, we are excited to meet you and, all together, contribute to science, art and society. Welcome to Kadir Has University, which is a true center of science, research, culture, art and reasoning, and I would like to tell you that together with all the administrative and academic staff, we are ready to support you in any aspect of your education.

I wish that every moment you have at Kadir Has University would be unforgettable for your academic, intellectual and personal development.

Prof. Dr. Sondan Durukanoğlu Feyiz