Prof. Dr. Gülsün SAĞLAMER


Born in 1945 in Trabzon, Gülsün Sağlamer completed her primary, secondary, and high school education in Trabzon. She got accepted into Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) Faculty of Architecture in 1962 and graduated from the university in 1967 as a Certified Engr. Architect. She received the titles of Doctor in 1973, Associate Professor in 1978 and Professor in 1988 at İTÜ.

She became the first female vice-rector of İTÜ in 1992 and was elected as the first female rector in 1996. She held the position until 2004.

In 2005 she was elected to the board of directors of the EUA “European University Association” for 4 years (2005-2009). She is currently a member of the board of the EUA /IEP “Institutional Evaluation program” (2009-2013), a member of the board of the IAUP “International Association of University Presidents” (2002-) and president of its European Council, vice-president of the CMU “Community of Mediterranean Universities”. She has been a member of the European Commission “Marie Curie People Programme Advisory Group” since 2006.

Gülsün Sağlamer, apart from her field, has been researching higher education since 1992 and since her election as Rector in 1996, she has been conducting research on women academics in science, engineering and technology and has been a guest speaker over 40 times. She has also been involved in projects supported within the scope of FP6 and FP7 which are among the European Union Framework Projects and also in Expert Groups in this field.

Gülsün Sağlamer, who was a member of the Board of Trustees of Kadir Has University between 2006 and 2014, has become a member of the Board of Trustees again as of December 2, 2019.