The International Physics Congress held by the Turkish Physical Association for the 35th time this year takes place in Bodrum. This congress organized by the Turkish Physical Association aims to gather together the physicists in our country and the worldwide-known expert physicists, and increase the opportunities for information exchange and cooperation about scientific developments for the scientists working in Turkey and abroad together with those from foreign countries.

The opening meeting of the congress started with the Turkish Physical Association Awards, 2019. Prof. Dr. Nihat Berker, Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS) was awarded the International Special Honor Award 2019 from the Turkish Physical Association for being an example and pioneer with local and international scientific works and for his significant contributions to the increase of the level of our country in respect of international scientific platforms and, to the development of technologies by means of creating an exciting scientific environment and introducing young physicists to the scientists. Following the opening meeting and the award ceremony, a panel was held about the “Targets of Turkey for Manufacturing High Technology Products”. The International Physics Congress continues in Bodrum until September 8, 2019.