08.11.2021 12:16

Supported by YEP, DRONOS Won an Award at Teknofest

DRONOS, our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) team supported by YEP (KHAS Creative Industries Platform), won an award in the International UAV Competition organized as part of TEKNOFEST, in which 249 teams from all over the world competed.

The theme of this year's International UAV Competition, supported by TÜBİTAK, was to develop UAVs that can quickly and autonomously respond to fires. DRONOS, which successfully fulfilled the autonomous water intake and evacuation tasks, received an honorable mention by standing out among 249 teams.

Designed by the DRONOS team led by Ahmet Burhan Yaman, a freshman at KHAS Industrial Design Department, the UAV can resupply water from a water pool with a specific location thanks to its precision positioning devices and image processing systems. The vehicle, which can detect the fire autonomously, performs preliminary intervention by evacuating the water to the red zone.