06/16/2020 - 14:12
Serbest Toplumsal Bilinç COVID19 Sonrası Dönemde Politika ve Sivil Toplumun Rolü

Event Details
Date: Monday, 22 June
Time: 18:00 to 19:00 (GMT +3)
Location: Live on ZOOM and CIES FACEBOOK PAGE

The current context in Europe, and the United States, is one where the health dimension of the pandemic has compounded the economic context with increased uncertainty while a new sort of civil engagement is emanating from the protests in the United States, with global repercussions. This online discussion, thus, aims to explore the intersection of politics and civil society mobilization and the possible emergence of a new social consciousness.

The second installment of Social Consciousness Unchained initiative focused on "The role of Politics and Civil Society in the Post COVID19 Era".

It took place as a virtual Zoom event on Monday, 22 June at 18:00 to 19:00 (GMT +3). You may also see the event video on the CIES Youtube Channel 


  • David Wisner, Executive Director, Michael and Kitty Dukakis Center, American College of Thessaloniki
  • Hannes Swoboda, President, International Institute for Peace, Vienna
  • Athanasios Grammenos, Scientific Advisor, Young Liberals of Greece, Athens
  • Dimitrios Triantaphyllou, Director, CIES, Kadir Has University (Moderator)