10.01.2022 11:01

A Significant Download Score from Prof. Dr. Önder Pekcan!

The book titled Thermosoftening Plastics, co-edited by Emeritus Prof. Önder Pekcan, a faculty member of KHAS Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, has been downloaded nearly 6000 times from IntechOpen, one of the world's leading publishers of open access books, whose readership spans scientists, researchers, students, and librarians as well as business professionals.

Co-edited by Assoc. Prof. Gülşen Akın Evingür from Piri Reis University and Prof. Dr. Dimitris S. Achilias from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the book was published in February 2020, and contains 6 articles prepared by more than 20 scientists.

The USA, Russia, UK, Germany, China and Ethiopia draw attention among the countries where the publication was downloaded the most.

The chapters and authors are as follows:

1. Processing and Properties of Plastic Lumber
Fernanda A. dos Santos, Leonardo B. Canto, Ana Lúcia N. da Silva, Leila Lea Yuan Visconte, Elen B. A. Vasques Pacheco

2. Multi-Field Synergy Process for Polymer Plasticization: A Novel Design Concept for Screw to Facilitate Phase-to-Phase Thermal and Molecular Mobility
Ranran Jian, Hongbo Chen, Weimin Yang

3. Cellulose-Based Thermoplastics and Elastomers via Controlled Radical Polymerization
Feng Jiang, Fenfen Wang, Chenqian Pan, Yanxiong Fang

4. Thermoplastic Recycling: Properties, Modifications, and Applications
Taofik Oladimeji Azeez

5. Thermal Resistance Properties of Polyurethanes and Its Composites
Javier Carlos Quagliano Amado

6. Recycled Polypropylene-Coffee Husk and Coir Coconut Biocomposites: Morphological, Mechanical, Thermal and Environmental Studies
Miguel Ángel Hidalgo-Salazar, Juan Pablo Correa-Aguirre, Juan Manuel Montalvo-Navarrete, Diego Fernando Lopez-Rodriguez, Andrés Felipe Rojas-González

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