09/29/2020 - 21:33
Kampüse Güvenli Dönüş Duyurusu

Dear Students,
In the 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester, which will start on October 5th, all theoretical courses and practical training will be held remotely and digitally, as we have previously announced due to the pandemic conditions we are in, and our campus will be open to your use with the reservation system.

On our campus, you can make a reservation between 10:30 and 15:30 for Seats in Classrooms specially prepared for pandemic conditions, Information Center, Laboratories, and Social Areas. KHAS Sports Hall will be open for reservations as of November, depending on the course of the pandemic conditions. To make a reservation, go to the Forms section of the MyKhas student portal and fill in the "Campus Reservation Form". After making a reservation, you need to show your reservation number created by the system to our security guards at the entrance of the campus. Do not forget to write down your reservation number.

After making your reservation, we would like to share some rules we want you to pay attention to so that you can safely benefit from our campus at the times you choose:

  • You need to wear masks and face shields in all common areas and change your mask every 3 hours during the day. You can obtain masks and face shields from security points.
  • Following the social distance rules, you must leave at least 1,5 meters between you.
  • You should avoid physical contacts such as handshaking and hugging, and bring your headphones for use in class reservations.
  • Please avoid visits to the campus when you show signs of illness.

You can make an appointment through KHAS Learn to meet our academic staff online during the fall semester. Also, you can reach faculties and administrative units in any subject you need with the "Student Online Support Line" created on the Teams application. The list of relevant units and their link links are as follows:

Unit / Faculty E-mail Microsoft Teams Chat Link
Faculty of Law law@khas.edu.tr Click for Faculty of Law Online Support Line
Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences feas@khas.edu.tr  Click for Faculty of Economics,   Administrative and Social Sciences Online Support   Line 
Faculty of Communication ayferv@khas.edu.tr Click for Faculty of Communication Online Support Line 
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences nur.basurun@khas.edu.tr emre.ozdogan@khas.edu.tr  Click for Faculty of Engineering and Natural   Sciences Online Support Line
Faculty of Arts and Design meral.karasu@khas.edu.tr  Click for Faculty of Arts and Design Online Support Line
Faculty of Management yesim.gultekin@khas.edu.tr  Click for Faculty of Management Online Support Line 
School of Foreign Languages prep@khas.edu.tr  Click for School of Foreign Languages Online Support Line
Information Center bilgimerkezi@khas.edu.tr  Click for Information Center Online Support Line
Erasmus Office erasmus@khas.edu.tr Click for Erasmus Office Online Support Line 
Information Technologies bt@khas.edu.tr Click for Information Technologies Online Support Line 
International Office international@khas.edu.tr Click for International Office Online Support Line 
Security Office guvenlikofisi@khas.edu.tr Click for Security Office Online Support Line 
Career Office career@khas.edu.tr Click for Career Office Online Support Line
Financial Affairs maliisler@khas.edu.tr Click for Financial Affairs Online Support Line 
Student Affairs ogr.isl.direktorlugu@khas.edu.tr Click for Student Affairs Online Support Line 
Sports Teams and Student Clubs spor@khas.edu.tr Click for Sports Teams and Student Clubs Online Support Line 
Graduate Institute sgs@khas.edu.tr Click for Graduate Institute Online Support Line