01/23/2021 - 12:21
Prof. Dr. Murat Çetin’ten Yeni Kitap:  ‘İçten İçe’; Mimarlıkta ‘İç’ Meselesinin Ekonomi-Politik Serüveni

The new book titled ‘İçten İçe’; Mimarlıkta ‘İç’ Meselesinin Ekonomi-Politik Serüveni by Prof. Dr. Murat Çetin, who is a faculty member in the Department of Internal Architecture and Design at the Faculty of Art and Design was published. Discussing the dissociation of interior architecture within architecture and released by Nika Yayınevi, this book is intended to reveal the historical origin, triangulation points and grounds of this dissociation. The book examines how the area of architecture comprehended the interior architecture and how this mostly deprecatory understanding came out slowly during the history actually through a political reading.

Trying the draw the curtains on how the entire occupational organization was convinced of such a story for the whole time so easily, the book discusses the history of the economic and political developments which are effective for interior architecture, which was once desired by the architects, to be a separate discipline today through making connections to various disciplines. Dealing with the process of dissociation between architecture and interior architecture, which are associated with areas such as existence of the mankind on earth, biological evolution of the humanity, settlement history, technology, arts, economic and political history, this book intends to explain the extent of the polarization through association with the concepts of war, as well. Again, the role of media and technology in this polarization and shaping of the perception of the public in this disruption is analyzed. Also, it examines how the philosophical trends guiding the theory of architecture served to this global political agenda and how this is reflected upon the daily practices, occupational organization, education systems and institutionalization of the architects and interior architects.

Discussing the ancient association of the pair of architecture-interior architecture, which was once a whole in time, is driven towards collapsing and becoming enemies under the external impacts in this historical process suffered by the area of interior architecture that suffered from the tendency of being caricatured through the question “Are you an interior or exterior architect?” in the last section, the book ends with the potential scenario suggests regarding the future of this disruption.