20.01.2021 23:05

Lisans Öğrencilerimiz STAR Programı Kapsamında Ar-Ge Projelerinde Görev Alarak Desteklenecek

11 undergraduate students (9 of which are KHAS students) in 11 projects carried out in our University and 5 KHAS students in projects carried out by other institutions have been entitled to receive support as part of the TUBITAK STAR (Intern Researcher Scholarship Program) Program.

With the STAR Program prepared by TUBITAK for the purpose of bringing in R&D culture to the undergraduate students and creating qualified human resources, the students will receive additional support from TUBITAK regardless of the project budget.

As a university, we support undergraduate students to be encouraged to participate in the research ecosystem and doing research, and we consider that it is very important for more Undergraduate students to have the experience of being a part of the research team in R&D projects. We congratulate all of our students who have been entitled to participate in the project and appreciate our teachers who are project coordinators.