30.09.2021 12:54

Mercator-IPM Fellowship to Dr. Sibel Karadağ from KHAS Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Dr. Sibel Karadağ, the faculty member of KHAS Political Science and Public Administration Department, is awarded a 2021/22 Mercator-IPM Fellowship with her project proposal titled “On the Eve of a New Deal: Scope, Actors and Methods” within the scope of EU/German-Turkish Relations, one of the two thematic areas of the program.

This prestigious program is part of the Stiftung Mercator, Sabancı University, and Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) Initiative. The program aims to strengthen academic, political, and social ties between Turkey and Germany and Turkey and Europe by facilitating excellent scientific research and hands-on policy work. It is based on the premise that acquiring knowledge and exchanging people and ideas are preconditions for meeting the challenges of a globalized world.

The program allows international scholars, journalists, professionals, and civil society activists predominantly, but not exclusively, from Germany and Europe to work on academic and practical projects at IPC.

The main objective of Dr. Karadağ’s project proposal is to make a comprehensive analysis of the 2016 EU-Turkey Consensus within the framework of knowledge generation from the grassroots and to offer policy recommendations regarding the agreement, which is expected to be renewed soon, taking into account the current political and social conditions. This project aims to give voice to grassroots actors and produce a multi-faceted and long-term assessment by drawing attention to past experiences, current needs, and policy recommendations. Another goal of the project is to create an epistemic community on the management of displacement and migration, one of the top agendas of the world and Turkey.

International publications, conference organization and participation, and international cooperation will be possible through this project under the Mercator-IPM Research Fellowship.

We congratulate Dr. Karadağ and wish her success in the research.