14.07.2021 10:47


According to TÜBİTAK ARDEB 1001’s 1st term results, 3 projects coordinated by KHAS academics were entitled to receive support. The supported projects are:
“European Green Consensus: Threats and Opportunities for Turkey, International Comprehensive and Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis,” led by Prof. Dr. Alp Erinç Yeldan from the Department of Economics. Prof. Dr. Ebru Voyvoda, Assoc. Dr. Sevil Acar Aytekin, Asst. Prof. Ezgi Berfin Ünsal and Visiting Researcher Ahmet Atıl Asıcı are in the project team.
“Positioning the Viewer in Cinematic Virtual Reality,” led by Assoc. Prof. Melis Behlil from the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema. Asst. Prof. Elif Akçalı and Asst. Prof. Ahu Gökçe is also working as a researcher and Prof. Dr. Albert Ali Salah from Utrecht University as a consultant.
“Design of Channel Estimation Algorithms for Full-Duplex 5G OFDM Communication Systems”, led by Assoc. Dr. Habib Şenol from the Department of Computer Engineering. Asst. Prof. Atilla Özmen is also working on the project.
Congratulations to all our academics whose projects deserve to be supported.