07.01.2022 19:45

KHAS CESD Energy Efficiency Panel

Kadir Has University Energy and Sustainable Development Center (CESD) is hosting a panel on Monday, January 10th at 6 pm. Moderated by CESD Director Prof. Dr. Volkan Ş. Ediger, the speakers of the panel are as follows:

Dr. Buğrahan Karaveli
Head of Department of Energy Efficiency and Environment at the Turkish Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources

Arif Kunar
VENESCO Building Energy Management Consultancy Inc. General Manager

Assoc. Dr. İstemi Berk
Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Economics Department

Assoc. Dr. Gökhan Kirkil
Kadir Has University Faculty of Industrial Engineering Department


Meeting Link: https://bit.ly/3DZrlJF

Zoom Meeting ID: 846 1920 0893