23.11.2021 14:47

KHAS Advertising Students Received Second Prize from A Awards Junior

Groups from our students ''TepeTaklak" featuring Filiz Kondakçı, Yalım Cinisli, İlayda Parlak, and İrem Ayyıldız, and "Group Çapraz" featuring Mustafa Berk Alkoç, Afra Gülcegün, Zeynep Sıla Karataş, Tuba Tarık, and İlayda Su Güner from have received the finals in this year's  A Awards Junior Outdoor Advertising Competition organized by ARVAK (Outdoor Advertisers Foundation). 

Our groups made their final presentations on November 12; received feedback from the jury. The results that everyone has been eagerly waiting for have been published today. "TepeTaklak" returned to the Atelier with the second prize!

We congratulate all the teams participating in the competition, and we wish the success of KHAS Advertising Atelier to increase exponentially. We look forward to seeing TepeTaklak receive their award plaque in March 2022!