06.04.2021 12:07

International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism, and Society

The ninth of the International Conflict, Terrorism, and Society Conference, organized in April annually by the Kadir Has University Department of Public Relations and Information, will be held online on April 13-14. This year’s theme of the conference, which has hosted more than 300 participants from 30 countries, is “Global Crises: Media, Politics, and Environment”.

This year’s conference theme focuses on how global crises emerge from and result in social, political, cultural, institutional, economic, technological, and environmental changes.

The major themes to be covered concerning global crises may include health crises, wars and terrorism, global displacement and mass migration, legal crises and legitimacy, economic crises, disasters, catastrophes and risks, environmental challenges, poverty, politics, security, the role of media in crisis time, disinformation, and power relations. The conference aims to understand how global crises are spawned by and shape our global age, and how they are represented in the media, and to analyze the ongoing multi-dimensional crisis of the global world, and provide interdisciplinary approaches to the current global crises.

In previous years, the International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society Conference hosted Prof. Yonah Alexander, Brian Michael Jenkins, Prof. Peter Waldmann, Prof. Catherine Luther, Prof. Stuart Price, Prof. Brian L. Keeley, and Prof. Andrew Hoskins as keynote speakers. This year’s keynote speaker will be Lee Artz from Purdue University, Professor of Media Studies and the Director of the Center for Global Studies.

The # ICCTS2021 Conference, which will be launched online on Tuesday, April 13 at 11:00 AM is open to everyone.

Please click to download the full conference program: http://iccts.khas.edu.tr/