27.07.2021 09:34

The First Results from the “Gendered Dynamics of International Labour Migration” Project

The first results of the project titled "Gendered Dynamics of International Labor Migration," in which Assoc. Prof. Ezgi Tuncer, a faculty member of KHAS Architecture Department, is the co-investigator, is being shared.

A panel is held at the UKRI GCRF Gender Justice and Security LSE Hub on Tuesday, 27 July between 12:00 – 13:30 (BST) for the research, which is carried out simultaneously in four countries (Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan).

The event will be held on Zoom. Please click to register for the panel:


This session presents results from the “Gendered Dynamics of International Labour Migration” project studying the economic and socio-cultural practices, including gender discrimination, of female international labour migration, and their experiences during Covid-19. It includes results from interviews conducted with female migrants and NGOs in major cities in Turkey (Istanbul), Pakistan (Islamabad), Kurdistan Iraq (Erbil) and Lebanon (Beirut).

This research contributes to a better and decentred understanding of gendered migration beyond the typical focus on movements from the Global South to the North, but encompassing South-South and North-South migrations and covering a range of employment and diversity of situations beyond the commonly studied domestic and care sectors.