21.12.2020 17:05

Dialog/Διάλογος/Diyalog/Dialogue Türk-Yunan İşbirliği Projeleri için Mikro Hibe 2020-2021 Son Başvuru Tarihi: 30 Aralık 2020

This new initiative by the Center for International and European Studies, the Department of International, European and Area Studies at the Panteion University of Athens, and the  Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Turkey Office  aims to encourage and support young Turkish and Greek scholars, analysts, journalists, and others to write together a research/policy paper which will highlight an area of common ground and cooperation between Greece and Turkey.

Applicants are to submit a maximum two-page proposal including a paper title, an abstract, a table of contents, a brief paragraph explaining the paper topic being proposed, and the bio sketches of the authors. Each proposal should be written by at least one Greek and one Turkish author.

The topics should address one of the following: trust-building; the migration crisis; cooperation in combatting the pandemic; economic cooperation; youth empowerment; populism; gender-based cooperation initiatives. The papers should aim to identify concrete recommendations and/or policy actions. The proposals and papers are to be written in English.

Initially, three cooperative projects per year will be accepted with a stipend of € 1000 each to be shared by the two applicants.

A committee (Jury) with equal representation between the three cooperating institutions will evaluate the proposals and select the successful submissions.

The partner institutions will identify suitable platforms for the publication of the winning papers.

All applications and inquiries should be sent to dimitriost@khas.edu.tr


Application Deadline: 30 December 2020