CSO Clinique trainings which are conducted by the Center for International and European Studies (CIES) at Kadir Has University continued with a training titled “Effective Communication for CSOs”. The Training  held on 26 February 2019.

The training conducted by the Chairwoman of Proje Evi, Ceren Uzel and Environmental Engineer and Waste Management Specialist Zeynep Boratav. Training program started with the definition of project components through a sample project. The program continued with Logical Framework for projects. The training ended with a discussion on problems in project writing and the methods to solve these problems.

CSO Clinique, aims to strengthen the knowledge and skills of CSO workers, master and PhD students; and encourages them to participate. The training on “Project Management” will be given at the building of Kadir Has University Center for Research. It will be the 20th CSO Clinique training.

What Is CSO Clinique?

The CSO Clinique, which was established within the scope of 'Striving for Good Governance: Civil Society Strengthening and Youth Empowerment’’ by the Center for International and European Studies(CIES), organizes trainings to support civil society activities twice a month. The day-long trainings aim to support civil society organizations in their adaptation process to the rapidly changing world. In this context, the CSO Clinique aims to empower young people who are committed to civil society, to strengthen their skills and knowledge, and to participate more effectively in decision-making processes. Trainings topics focus on current developments both in our country and around the world and on the areas in which CSOs play an active role.

The training program paved the way for new network as a dialogue platform for participants and trainers. The CSO Clinique also introduced the opportunity to meet, to inspire from knowledge and vision of outstanding instructors who renew themselves in their fields and strengthen their academic and practical experience.