08/05/2020 - 00:05
Bachelor’s Degree Scholar from the Department of Visual Communication Design in the TUBITAK 1001 Program

3rd year undergraduate in the Department of Visual Communication Design, Arda Kaplan joined Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eser Selen’s project as part of the TUBITAK 1001-COVID19.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selen and her research team aim to research the existing, projected and unforeseen impacts of Covid-19 for the field of modern art that plays a major role in the cultural, social and economic improvement and development of Turkey, with a sample group consisting of artists, art professionals and art audience through a perspective of social and human sciences in the project titled “Transformative Impacts of the Global COVID-19 Outbreak on Modern Art in Turkey”. The study aims to contribute to generating resolution suggestions by providing information and documentation for reinforcing the infrastructure of culture and art sector as the impacts of the outbreak become visible in the universe of modern art.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eser Selen explains the reasons for and results of her student Arda joining the project: “Joining our project team as undergraduate scholar and to study his 3rd year in the Department of Visual Communication Design, Arda Kaplan has completed two individual courses of mine successfully in the previous academic semester. Constant increase in his attention for the topics in the course as well as his efforts during the course grabbed my attention. Of course, not to mention the exam papers like the copy of answer sheet. It’s quite essential that Arda is in this project and his contribution can already be seen. One of the important values to be brought in by Arda, who have mastered the methods and partially the practices of the project, for both himself and the university during his scholarship and later will be the contribution he’ll make to the culture of research, development, and education in the organization. Both his visibility in the outcomes of the project and the research experience he gained in the project in which he is a significant part of the creative team will be included in Arda’s CV and boost his self-confidence when he starts post-graduate life.

Arda Kaplan talks about the process of starting the project: “Upon Ms. Eser’s proposal, I’ve joined her project in no time and excitedly. Being a part of the project owned by a faculty member whose courses I enjoyed is like taking a peek behind the scenes. I believe that seeing how an academic study is performed and that I can contribute to this study as an undergraduate student will be a quite boosting experience personally.”