Africa Engagement Outlook: Turkish Entry into a Dynamic Continent

The Middle East and African Research Center (MARC) of Kadir Has University is hosting the international event Africa Engagement Outlook: Turkish Entry into a Dynamic Continent, 7 December 2015 in association with the Coventry University Centre for Trust, Peace, and Social Relations as well as the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK).

As one of the few active African Research Centers in Turkey, MARC is hosting Africa Engagement Outlook to focus attention on specific issues within the Sub-Saharan African region of relevance to increasing Turkish engagement. These issues include regional economic trajectories and market dynamics; policy and governance patterns; and social contexts including security and human security concerns.

This event is international, drawing experts from Turkey and Sub-Saharan Africa as well as the United States and Europe. MARC focuses on interactive discussions between public, private, non-governmental, and academic experts in the region. Its goal is  to provide value-add to Turkish Sub-Saharan market entry, political engagement, and regional studies.

The event’s two panels are: Panel One: Regional Market Dynamics for Growth and Entry and Panel Two: Governance, Conflict, and Human Security. Each panel will be facilitated as an open discussion guided by moderator questions. These panels will also be open for audience questions so that the audience may interact directly with the panel participants. The event opens at 9:30am Monday, 7 December and concludes at 4:30pm.