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Course registrations on SPARKS will start on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 and end on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 17:00. Students will be able to register for any course opened on SPARKS until 17:00 on Wednesday, June 13, 2018. Students must first get the approval of their advisors for the courses they select and pay the due tuition fees for the course in advance. For associate degree students, the summer school tuition fee is 800 TL (VAT included) for each “domestic credit”. For Bachelor’s degree students, the summer school tuition fee is 1000 TL (VAT included) for each “domestic credit”. For students in the English Preparatory Year, the summer school tuition fee is 7800 TL (VAT included). Once students get authorization from the Financial Affairs Office following their payment, they are deemed to have made their request to take the course.

During the summer education period, students may take up to fifteen domestic credits (20 ECTS) worth of courses.

Students who receive University Entrance Exam Merit Scholarships do not pay any tuition fees for Summer Education as long as they are taking the courses for the first time. Otherwise, they must pay the tuition fees for summer education as determined by the Board of Trustees. Students who have 50 % and 25 % University Entrance Exam Merit Scholarships receive the same amount of discount on the tuition fee for Summer Education courses as determined by the Board of Trustees as long as they are taking the courses for the first time. Otherwise, they must pay the full tuition fees for summer education as determined by the Board of Trustees.

For a course to be opened, at least 10 students must have registered (there must also be the equivalent of five full tuition fee paying students registered on the course). Courses which are not offered due to not meeting the required numbers will be removed from the list on SPARKS and an announcement will be made. If some or all of the courses students have registered for are not offered, students may get a full refund from this date for the courses that are not to be offered. Students who want to take courses in addition to the courses they had registered for and students who had not registered for any courses before can take courses during the course add period. On Tuesday, June 19, 2018 decisions regarding course offerings will be finalized. In the Summer Education period, adding courses will be possible until Friday, June 22, 2018; however, dropping courses will not be possible.

Courses may be taken from other universities in the Summer School under the following conditions:

  1. The course must be not offered at our University’s Summer School.
  2. The language of the course to be taken must be the same as the language of the equivalent courses given at our university.
  3. At least 80 % of the content of the course to be taken must be the same as the course in the related program.
  4. No courses may be taken from distance learning or open education programs.
  5. Graduation projects, semester projects, internships and similar courses and independent study (courses conducted under supervision of a professor without a syllabus) may not be taken.
  6. During the duration of his/her studies, a student may take a maximum of three courses at other universities carrying a maximum credit amount equivalent to 20 ECTS (15 domestic credits) as defined by Kadir Has University.
  7. Students cannot take a course/courses at another university from semesters beyond their current semester level.
  8. Regarding the elective courses: according to the 20th article of Kadir Has University Regulations for Associate and Undergraduate Degree Programs, if a student fails an elective course or if an elective course is not offered, then another elective course may be taken. Thus, in cases where an elective course has an equivalent at the University, students cannot request to take a course from outside of the University before first taking this course at Kadir has University.
  9. Students need to confirm with the related Faculty Administrative Board that these criteria are met before taking a course. Decisions regarding acceptance of courses taken by the student without this approval at his/her own initiative are to be made by the Faculty Administrative Boards.


12-13 June 2018 Tuesday-Wednesday

  1. Select your courses through SPARKS and submit them for the approval of your advisor.
  2. After the approval of your advisor, go to the Financial Affairs Office and pay your tuition fee.

19-22 June 2018 Tuesday-Friday

  1. If any of the courses you had registered for are not offered you can add another course or you can get the full refund for the unoffered course from the Financial Affairs Office.
  2. You can add a course or you can take a course if you had not registered earlier.


Prof. Arzu ERDEM (Vice Rector- Head of Committee)

Prof. Meltem Ş. UCAL (Member)
Asst. Prof. Selçuk Öğrenci (Member)

The application form for taking courses from other university