Dear Kadir Has University Students,,Konsey

As the 2011-2013 Student Council, we strive to fulfill the student representation in the best possible way following the beginning that we made last year. Beginning a new period, we’ll continue to work on projects covering all university students by adding new ones to the activities that we have completed in the previous year. It is our main duty to convey students’ problems, opinions and thoughts to the relevant administrative bodies, especially to the Rectorate, and to find solutions to problems. Our main goal is to fulfill the task you have assigned us with your valuable votes, by considering all, without excluding any student. Kadir Has University Student Council, as you can understand from the title, belongs to all university students. Within this student representation task that we have all started together, I hope that we will properly fulfill the duty of this term.

I wish you all success in the new academic term.

Nagehan Ayşe SARI
Kadir Has Üniversitesi 
Vice President of the Student Council