*This web page is the translation of the Turkish Web Page

Course Transfer / Exemption Procedures from Major Program to Double Major Program 

1. Common courses with the same code, same name, and same credit, which are successful in the Major Program and included in the Double Major Program, are transferred directly to the Double Major Program by the Student Affairs Directorate after graduating from the Major Program are made.

2. The student must make a written application to the Faculty Dean of the relevant Double Major Program for the exemption of the courses that are not common in the Major and Double Major Programs.

3. Applications for exemption are evaluated by the Head of the relevant Double Major Department and notified to the Student Affairs Directorate with the decision of the Board of Directors of the relevant Faculty.

4. Student Affairs Directorate carries out the exemption procedures within 5 working days at the latest.

5. Students can check the exempt courses in the Graduation Simulation via the SPARKS account.

6. Course transfers / exemptions cannot be made from the Major and Double Major Programs to the Minor Programs.