Dear Students,
We continue our education and training in the Spring Semester of the 2019-2020 Academic Year via distance education tools in line with the instructions of the Council of Higher Education. Nowadays, as we are approaching the end of this semester, the Associate and Undergraduate Academic Calendar has been revised in line with the public health conditions and the requirements of remote education due to the global pandemic. You can access the revised Academic Calendar here.

The Spring Semester final exams will be held between 1-17 June 2020. The exam schedule will be announced as soon as possible, and it is extremely important that you follow the general announcements carefully as well as the notifications made by your professors about the exam dates and times. The explanations to be made by the instructor of each course about Exam Assessment and Evaluation should be followed carefully.

The instructors will share with you the success assessment methods to be used specifically for each course. Your professors may choose to use methods that are compatible with the remote education process including home assignments, reports, data analysis or presentations to assess your success instead of exams in determining your year-end final grade, or they can conduct the exams online.

You can follow the information about the developments on the website and social media accounts of KHAS. You can discuss the details of the exceptions specific to your courses with your professors.

We wish you all great success.