At Kadir Has University, we are monitoring the latest national and international developments on COVID-19 virus very closely. Having the health and safety of our students, academic and administrative staff as our priority, we will continue to update you on the latest situation and share our recommendations, based on the announcements and regulatory notices from The Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Health, Higher Education Council (YÖK) and other government bodies.
For further information on COVID-19, you can refer to the e-brochure by Ministry of Health and visit their website.
Questions about issues related to COVID-19 can be sent to corona@khas.edu.tr.

Educational Activities

All educational activities as well as graduate studies will be conducted online till the end of Summer Term.
In order to continue the educational activities of our university without interruption, the distance education software called "Big Blue Button", which is integrated with our KHAS Learn learning management system application, has been activated. Thanks to this application, our academic staff is able to conduct their lessons remotely, and students can participate in lessons either on their mobile phones or on their tablets. For all your questions on distance education process, you can e-mail us at learn@khas.edu.tr.

Erasmus+ and Exchange Programs

Erasmus and Exchange outgoing students have been informed by e-mail regarding the decision of Turkey's National Agency, the Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Students who attended the Erasmus and Exchange programs have also been contacted individually on their mobile phones, informed about the procedures and have given confirmation with regards to their decisions of returning to Turkey or continuing their education abroad.
All the incoming students who attended exchange programs at Kadir Has University were contacted and informed about the procedures that they had to complete.
All of our partner institutions have been informed extensively regarding the decision for COVID-19 of the Republic of Turkey and Kadir Has University.
Academic and administrative staff, who planned to make mobility to Kadir Has University under the Erasmus+ programs have been informed that we cannot accept any staff until April, 30.
In case of emergency, all of our incoming students, outgoing students and our partner institutions can contact with us via the following e-mail addresses, erasmus@khas.edu.tr; exchange@khas.edu.tr; corona@khas.edu.tr.

Academic Meetings, Social, Cultural, Sports Events and Other Activities

All events to be held on our campus are suspended till the end of Summer Term in order to protect all our health.
Such events include all conferences, symposiums, workshops, seminars, activities including local and international speakers and audience from outside our university community, career events, student club events and concerts, performances and similar events.


All travels (university-sponsored or personal) are cancelled until further notice.


  • • Our students who stay at our dormitories can contact us at corona@khas.edu.tr in case of emergency.
  • • Food halls on campus will be closed till the end of Summer Term.
  • • The information center will be open during Summer Term with new regulations. During this period, for all of your questions and urgent need for sources you may contact us via bilgimerkezi@khas.edu.tr. In addition, we would like to remind that you may access to the electronic resources 7/24 hours.
  • • The sports hall will be open during Summer Term with new regulations.
  • • During Summer Term, our doctor and workplace doctor will be on campus on weekdays. People with suspected COVID condition will be taken to our emergency room and referred to the nearest healthcare facility.

Psychological Consultation Center

The Psychological Consultation Center of the University will continue the sessions of psychological support through the online education period.
For the staff, ongoing psychological support processes will be continued. Arrangements in the schedule will be held for new applications from the staff, after the number of applications from students are considered.
As usual, the students are able to make appointments on SPARKS. Those who will take an appointment are expected to send their Skype usernames or Skype e-mail addresses to the psychologist via e-mail.
To protect the privacy, it is essential that the client is in an isolated place where they won’t be disturbed or be heard by other people living with them.


Following the emergence of COVID-19 in the world, an Emergency Action Team composed of members from related university units, was formed and necessary precautions have been immediately taken.
We have prepared the necessary infrastructure to implement the action plan proposed by the Ministry of Health and Higher Education Council (YÖK). Within the scope of Corona virus measures, we will continue to take necessary measures under the coordination of Higher Education Council (YÖK).


Hand sanitizers have been placed within our university at every block. A thorough environmental disinfection is conducted throughout the whole campus. Informative warning messages and announcements have been sent to our students and staff via our electronic channels. Informative posters by The Ministry of Health have been put up in common areas inside the campus.


  • • Stay at home as much as you can.
  • • Cover your mouth and nose with disposable tissues during coughing or sneezing, if you do not have a tissue, use the inside of your elbow.
  • • Stay away from crowded environments.
  • • Avoid shaking hands and hugging.
  • • Do not touch your mouth, nose and eyes with dirty hands.
  • • Give importance to hand hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, in cases where soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-containing antiseptic.
  • • Ventilate your environment frequently.
  • • Eat a balanced and healthy diet to strengthen your immune system. Wash your food thoroughly before consumption.

Home Office Working Guide

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) which has spread to various countries around the world including our country as of March 11, 2020, we have started working from home in order to prevent contagion at our University. Here is the Home Office Working Guide we have prepared in order to create and maintain a more reliable and healthy working environment for you.

Message from Can Has, the Chairman of the Board

Dear Kadir Has University Family,

We are faced with a problem that humanity has never seen or witnessed before and has no examples in the modern world and together we are going through an extremely critical period. We do not know a second phenomenon, in which human life is under such a degree of threat and attack, even beyond the great World Wars.
Under such circumstances, the only solution is to leave our usual lives behind and live in accordance with the rules stipulated by the current conditions.
Caring about our environment and other people, even the larger family of humanity, as much as we care about ourselves, is a must in today's conditions.
As Kadir Has University, we have taken the necessary measures and implemented the mandatory practices with determination.
We consider this determination a result of the responsibility we feel towards you and the great importance we attach to you.
We wholeheartedly adopt the approach of our Rector on this issue. We are happy that she managed to recover from the disease with her energy and we are comforted by the fact that her will is going to be reflected in the practices of our university in the same manner.

Dear Students,
Our founder, Kadir Has, had called you "white doves". You are our white doves. We are longing for the day that our white doves, who are now at home, will again be flapping their wings in the beautiful and spacious sky and coming to us, our campus, and our classes.
Until that day, I ask you to follow the rules, comply with the health measures strictly and stay at home. In the meantime, I wish you to take maximum advantage of our ongoing distance education.

I would like to repeat the same requests for our valuable academic and administrative staff. I am grateful to them for their commitment and immense contributions.
In the longing, excitement and expectation of the days we will all be reunited, I present you all my best wishes and love.

Kadir Has University Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Message from Our President