An Important Announcement by Hashaspati

First of all, we wish you all a good year.

Hashaspati has been experiencing an “abandoning a dog or cat in the school” problem for a while. Students bring the cats and dogs they find on the streets and leave them on campus. As a result, all the responsibilities of these dogs and cats are left to us. Even though we take care of our friends with paws that have come to school voluntarily and stayed here for a while (1 month or more), we are just a student club, and it’s not right to deliberately leave these friends inside the school.

The school allocates a budget to us to feed them daily and take care of their lives in an emergency. Unfortunately, it is only possible to provide some of them.

We did not raise this topic until now, but we started having many difficulties.

Thank you in advance for your sensitivity.

– Hashaspati

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