Dr. Levent Bıçakcı, Dr. Emilio Garcia, Thomas Junod ve Prof. Dr. Jacobo Tognon

A total of twenty four lawyers from various football federations of the UEFA, club lawyers and legal representatives of private companies attended the first edition of the programme.

UEFA FLP is co-directed by the Head of Disciplinary and Integrity Unit of the UEFA, Dr. Emilio Garcia Silvero and Attorney at law Michele Bernasconi. Educational Coordinator of the Programme is Thomas Junod, the Head of Education and Universities Unit of the UEFA. The Seminar Director for the Session was Dr. Levent Bıçakcı. Kadir Has University Sports Studies Research Centre Director Emir Guney served as the Session Coordinator.

At the first session, selected twenty four participants all had five days (40 hours) of education from various professionals and academics. The lectures will continue at Padova University (Padova, Italy) in January 2016, at Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain) and finally at the UEFA Headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

The lecture topics thaught at Kadir Has University were as follows: FIFA Structure: Rules and Regulations, UEFA Structure: Rules and Regulations, EU Law and Sports, ECJ Jurisprudence in Sport: Influence on Football, Football Law & State Law: Sources and Main Relationships,  Football Law: Personal Experiences of an External Lawyer, Introduction to Swiss Law, Football Stakeholders: FIFPro, Football Stakeholders: ECA and EPFL, Football Structures on National Level: The Case of Spanish Football Federation, Football Structures on National Level: The Case of GermanFootball Federation, Council of Europe and Sport.

The second edition of UEFA Football Law Programme will start in October 2017 at Kadir Has University and will end at September 2018.


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Students and Lecturers of the First Edition of UEFA Football Law Programme

UEFA FLP Co-Director Michele Bernasconi