Cibali Will Host Communication Experts From All Over The World

21 June 2011 - Tuesday

Kadir Has University Communication Faculty convenes the 2011 conference of IAMCR (International Association of Media and Communication Research), world’s leading media and communication association.

The conference will take place in Cibali Campus of Kadir Has University between 13 and 17 July. Over 1.500 researchers both native and foreigner from over 100 countries who are shaping the future of media and communication industries with their ideas will be attending the conference and meet in Istanbul.

During the conference with this year’s theme “Cities, Creativity, Connectivity” internationally respected academicians and worldwide-known opinion leaders will have the opportunity to discuss and share their research, suggestions and opinions.

The dean of the Communication Faculty, Prof. Dr. Deniz Bayrakdar said that the logo designed for the conference and inspired by çintemani is reflecting the themes covered by the conference; “In Cibali, which fits exactly to the conference theme owing to its location between the historical and modern pattern of the city, communication experts coming from North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia with various geographical and cultural backgrounds will interact and share their innovative ideas which will contribute to intercultural dialogues”.

IAMCR president Prof. Dr. Annabelle Sreberny from University of London said that world’s leading media and communication researchers, academicians and opinion leaders are members of IAMCR, which is an association founded with the support of UNESCO; “We are an association aiming to encourage media and communication studies worldwide. In Istanbul 2011 Conference we will be presenting our communication studies to the participants in order to contribute to local, national, and global agenda”.

The conference will cover a very broad spectrum of themes to be presented ranging from the reflections of iron curtain period on Soviet photographs to liberal journalists in UK since 19th century.

During IAMCR 2011 conference, world’s media and communication experts on target group studies, audience research, consumer behaviour, political communication, mobile and digital technologies, international communication, media law, and global media policies will have the opportunity to get together in Cibali and get to know Istanbul.

Besides within the extent of IAMCR events, awards will be given to Hıfzı Topuz in recognition of his role as a founder member of the IAMCR, and to Dennis McQuail and Elihu Katz in recognition of their lifelong contribution to developing the field of media studies.

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