2018 Graduation Ceremony Announcement

23 May 2018 - Wednesday
Graduation Ceremony Date: June 30, 2018, Saturday, 17:00
Venue: Volkswagen Arena - MASLAK


Those who are to graduate after the summer school or the single course exam can participate.

The credit amount of the courses the student has never passed/taken, including the graduation thesis, cannot exceed 12.

The student must have never attended any previous graduation ceremonies.

Note: Graduation Ceremony invitations can be obtained from the faculty / school / institute secretariats between 21-30 May 2018 against a signature.

Dear Graduates / Graduate Candidates,

Prior to the Graduation Ceremony to be held on June 30, 2018, gowns and caps will be distributed to the graduates/graduate candidates whose participation is certain, on 18-28 June 2018, between 10:00 - 16:00 on weekdays at Kadir Has University Cibali Campus, Haliç Hall.

In order to borrow a gown and a cap, please deposit 40 TL to the account number below and bring along the bank receipt of this payment when you arrive at the gown and cap distribution area.





IBAN NO: TR87 0004 6009 9388 8000 0388 43

EXPLANATION: Cübbe ve kep depozito (Gown and cap deposit)

After the ceremony, gowns and caps may not be returned at the ceremony area.

You can return the gowns and caps to the Student Affairs Office within working hours (09.00-18.00) between 2-13 July 2018. You may withdraw your deposit from the Department of Financial Affairs at the Cibali Campus with the receipt you will be given after returning the gown and cap or, you may have it transferred to the account number you provide when getting your receipt.

Gowns and caps may not be returned at the ceremony area under any circumstance and after July 13, 2018, returned gowns and caps will not be accepted.


• All students must be present at the ceremony area at 3:30 pm at the latest. Late students will be regarded as absent, and their names will not be readout on stage.

• All student families are kindly requested to be present at the ceremony area at 4:30 pm at the latest.

• We would like to remind all our student families that the number of guests from each family cannot be any more than five since there is a limited number of seats in the ceremony area.

Graduation Ceremony, Program of the Ceremony

• The Volkswagen Arena entrances will be divided into STUDENT ENTRY and FAMILY ENTRY gates. Students, using the entry gate assigned for them and following the signs, will go to the meeting area behind the stage and inform the Research Assistants, present in the area designated for the related faculty/school/institute, of their arrival.

• Each student should have his/her name checked and marked in the Research Assistants’ lists and take the label bearing his/her name and put it on the upper left of his/her robe, under the collar.

• The student who has had his/her name marked off by the Research Assistants and received their label must not leave the meeting area under any circumstance.

• Each Department’s students will be organized back to back in pairs according to the alphabetical order of their surnames. At this stage, students will be reminded once again that they should not leave the area where they are gathered. (Please follow the instructions of your Research Assistant teachers.)

• During entrance of each faculty / school / institute into the area, at the very front there will be an attendant with a banner carrying the name of the relevant faculty / college / institute; behind him/her will come the professors of the related Faculty/School and behind them the students grouped according to their departments and organized back to back in pairs according to the alphabetical order of their surnames.

• Students will enter the Ceremony Area, together with their professors, through the doors at the two ends of the stage, accompanied by music, and walk taking into account the banner carried by the attendant student in front of them and following this attendant student, salute their parents and get seated at the chairs designated for them in the ceremony area.

• First the professors of the related Faculty/School will be seated and behind them students of the same Faculty/School will be seated grouped according to their departments and, in the alphabetical order of their surnames.

• After the ceremony begins, students will go up the stage in the order of their seats and will receive their document from the dean of their faculty. Each student will go down the stairs that are placed opposite the stairs he/she went up and be seated at his/her chair.


• Each student who goes up to the stage and gets his/her document will go down the stairs that are placed opposite the stairs he/she went up and be seated at his/her place.

• At the end of the ceremony, a vow will be read from the lectern and at the end of the vow, the graduates will altogether throw their caps in the air.

Note: To be able to experience the excitement of throwing caps in the air please make sure to be seated at your chair after leaving the stage.


17: 00- Beginning of the Ceremony- One Minute’s Silence - National Anthem

17.05- Speech by Nuri Has, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

17.10- Speech by Can Has, the Chairman of the Kadir Has Foundation

17.15 - Speech by Prof. Sondan Durukanoğlu Feyiz, Rector

Awards presented to the top three students and speech by the top student


Submission of 2017-2018 Graduation Certificates



Volkswagen Arena: Huzur Mah. Maslak Ayazağa Caddesi (Huzur District, Maslak Ayazağa Street) No:4A 34396 Sarıyer / İstanbul

Volkswagen Arena, located within the UNIQ ISTANBUL complex in Maslak, can be accessed via four routes: D100, TEM, Büyükdere Street and Kağıthane Cendere Road.


M2 Yenikapı - Hacıosman line - ITU Ayazağa Stop: You can reach the Volkswagen Arena with a ten-minute walk from the ‘Plazalar’ exit.


You can easily reach the Volkswagen Arena by using the Beşiktaş - Ayazağa minibuses.


You can reach the Volkswagen Arena by getting off the IETT buses listed below at the Tuğla Fabrikası (Brick Factory) Stop.

41C: Ayazağa Village - Sarıyer Line

41E: Ayazağa Village - Kabataş Line

41M: Ayazağa Village - Mecidiyeköy Line

48L: Göktürk Village - 4. Levent Metro Line

41AT: Ayazağa Village - Davutpaşa YTÜ Line