The Atlantic Alliance and Turkey: Prospects for the Future

19 October 2017 - Thursday

The Center for International and European Studies (CIES) at Kadir Has University, in partnership with the International Relations Council of Turkey (UIK) is launching a new initiative titled “The Atlantic Alliance and Turkey: Prospects for the Future” which aims to assess the state of play and future evolution of relations between NATO and Turkey.

The flux along the Alliance’s Eastern and Southern flanks has become a reality of the changing post-Cold War era. Whether one looks at the Eastern Mediterranean or to Turkey’s borders with Syria, Iraq, and Iran or to the Black Sea region and Russian expansionism, the instability is evident. At the same time, the Alliance has to address multiple new risks and challenges while having to cope with the difficult task of decision-making at 28 where consensus is a delicate balancing art.

The project proposes to focus on Turkey and its relations with the Atlantic Alliance and its partners given its geography as an important actor both in NATO’s Southern and Eastern flanks. In other words, how important and relevant is NATO for Turkey and how important and relevant is Turkey for NATO? What are the key issues defining the relationship? How to move it forward?

The project combines three related activities on the subject of “The Atlantic Alliance and Turkey: Prospects for the Future”.

  • The first is a closed expert brainstorming session to be held on 23 November at Kadir Has University with the participation of some 20-25 experts (analysts, academics, policymakers) on NATO and Turkey.
  • The second is a panel discussion that is open to wider audience on the topic to be held on 23 November.
  • The third is the production of a small policy report with recommendations on the topic stemming from both the expert discussion and the public event to be made available online before the end of 2017.

More information regarding the panel discussion that is open to the public will be available soon on this page.