Khas is an A+ University According to TÜMA

09 February 2017 - Thursday

The results of the Turkey University Satisfaction Survey have been announced. Kadir Has University is ranked 13th according to the opinion poll which surveyed nearly 11.000 students from 174 universities.

For the Turkey University Satisfaction Survey conducted by Prof. Engin Karadağ and Prof. Cemil Yücel from Eskişehir Osmangazi University, questionnaires were completed by 10.894 students from 174 universities from all year levels. Universities were ranked according to a variety of headings like satisfaction with the learning experience, satisfaction with campus facilities and campus-life, academic support and attention, level of satisfaction with the administration and operation of the institution, the richness of learning opportunities and resources, support for personal development and career support.

In the listing, universities were given grades like ‘A+’, ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘FF’. Universities with the highest student satisfaction ratings received ‘A+’, while those with the least received ‘FF’.

A+ universities ranked by levels of student satisfaction

  1. Koç University
  2. Sabancı University
  3. Özyeğin University
  4. İzmir Institute of Technology
  5. Boğaziçi University
  6. Bilkent University
  7. Abdullah Gül University
  8. MEF University
  9. İstanbul University
  10. Middle East Technical University
  11. İstanbul Technical University
  12. Acıbadem University
  13. Kadir Has University
  14. İstanbul Bilgi University
  15. İstanbul Bilim University
  16. Galatasaray University
  17. İzmir University of Economics
  18. TOBB University of Economics and Technology
  19. Yeditepe University