The Greek-Turkish Young Leaders Symposium

07 December 2016 - Wednesday

The Center for International and European Studies (CIES) will hold the opening session of the Greek-Turkish Young Leaders Symposium on Security on Wednesday, 14 December between 13:30 and 16:00 at the Galata Auditorium of Kadir Has University’s Cibali Campus.

The program entails the first presentation and discussion of the survey results on “Turkish Elites’ Perceptions on Turkish Foreign Policy and Greek-Turkish Relations”. These results will be juxtaposed with those of an earlier survey measuring the opinions of Greek Elites on the same topic. The survey will be presented by Associate Professor Dimitrios Triantaphyllou, the Director of the CIES.

The presentation will be followed by a panel on “The New Security Challenges” facing the regional and global context today with the participation of two outstanding International Relations scholars and experts from Turkey and Greece – Professor Mustafa Aydin, the Rector of Kadir Has University and Associate Professor Kostas Ifantis from Kadir Has University and Panteion University of Athens.

The Greek-Turkish Young Leaders Symposium on Security is designed to provide a forum for study, dialogue and networking for young Turkish and Greek IR students and professionals. The CIES aims to ensure that tomorrow’s political, business, social, and academic elites construct a framework which makes dialogue a key and requisite component of the relationship and build solidarity between the two countries. It includes the participation of 15 Turkish and 15 Greek International Relations specialists (MA Students, PhD Candidates, young PhD scholars and professionals), aged between 22 and 35 years, selected from a pool of qualified applicants.

It will include an open event with the participation practitioners and scholars from Greece and Turkey on 14 December. The rest of the deliberations, to be held over four days, will be closed to the general public. These will comprise of a debate on Greek-Turkish relations on the premises of the Columbia Global Center with Turkish and Greek members of the Greek-Turkish Forum.  Another session, with a focus on the youth dimension of bilateral relations, will be led by Turkish and Greek alumni from the 1st Symposium that was held in December 2015 in Thessaloniki. Yet another session will include the perspectives of journalists. The Symposium will also contain a “Peer to Peer Workshop” facilitated by an expert trainer where participants will be encouraged to work together to produce collaborative project proposals and keep the dialogue alive.

The CIES partners for this project are the Thessaloniki-based Navarino Network and NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division.


Greek-Turkish Young Leaders Symposium (GTYLS) on Security
Istanbul, 14 December 2016
Open Event

13:30 – 14:30                     Welcome

Presentation of Survey Results of Turkish and Greek Elite Perceptions about Foreign Policy and Greek-Turkish Relations

  • Dimitrios Triantaphyllou, Center for International and European Studies (CIES), Kadir Has University, Istanbul

14:30 – 16:00                     The New Security Challenges

  • Mustafa Aydin, Kadir Has University
  • Kostas Ifantis, Kadir Has University and Panteion University