Understanding Russıa – Turkey Relations From A Historical Perspective

05 February 2016 - Friday

The Survey on Social-Political Trends in Turkey, conducted every year in December by Kadir Has University, continues to reflect changes in public opinion in the country. According to the last survey, in 2015 Turkish people placed the Russian Federation at the top of the list of countries considered to “pose the biggest threat to Turkey”, replacing Israel. Why this change in the social political perspective of Turkish society? Is the principal reason for this sudden change in threat perception of Turkish society Turkey’s downing of a Russian warplane on 24 November or do we need to look at historical perspectives to answer this question? Can both countries return to the state of cooperation that they started in the 2000s? Or, is this a new era which introduces the potential for armed conflict?

The CIES, in cooperation with the Department of International Relations, will hold a conference on “Understanding Russia–Turkey Relations from a Historical Perspective” on Friday, 19 February 2016 in between 10:00 and 16:30 in Hall 405 an attempt to explore and explain the bilateral relations between two competitive power - Turkey and Russia - that share the same region for over five hundred years. The conference aims to discuss the past and future of the relationship between these two countries through the prism of the contexts of geography, identity, and motherlands; an examination of the perception of Turks in Russian textbooks; energy strategies which occupy an important space in the relations between the two countries; and the Syria crisis.

The event is will be held in Turkish only (with no simultaneous translation).

The event is open to the public.