Research on Greek-Turkish Relations

07 October 2013 - Monday

CIES Director Dimitrios Triantaphyllou and Associate Professor Kostas Ifantis of Kadir Has University and the University of Athens have recently been awarded a grant for their collaborative research project on Greek-Turkish relations.  The project, titled “National Role Perceptions and Foreign Policy Orientation: the Ideational Bases of Greek Political Elite’s Perception and Policy Towards Turkey”, was chosen by the London School of Economics’ Hellenic Observatory through a competitive open call for proposals. The granting organization is the National Bank of Greece.

This project aims to fill a hole that Professors Triantaphyllou and Ifantis have identified in research surrounding Greece’s foreign policy since the start of the economic crisis in 2008. Specifically, their research will analyze the perceptions of Greek elites towards Turkey within the context of Greece’s crisis and Turkey’s growing emergence at a time when its EU accession progress is faltering.  The project will consist of a series of in-depth structured interviews of members of Greece’s political, business, and media elites and extensive use of Foreign Policy Analysis.

The project begins on 1 October 2013 and is expected to end by 30 September 2014. THE CIES acts as the host institution for the duration of the grant.